Author: Cokie Berenyi

My role with Hollings Cancer Center and the fight against cancer

Ray Greenburg is the reason I joined the Hollings Cancer Center family. It’s true. In 2010, Dr. Greenburg sent the head of the Foundation Board to see me and ask me to join the MUSC Hollings cause. “We need financial talent on the Foundation Board,” it was explained. As a mom of two with two asset management companies, mountains to climb and splitting time between Colorado and my native home of Charleston, I didn’t weigh […]

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Why Everyday Everest?

I’m an everyday gal. At least I was, until that day. It was a cold day in January 2003 when my business coach, Claire Stuhr told me it was time. “You need to attend an annual retreat and write your “Perfect Day.”I pulled into the parking lot on two wheels, late, Enya blaring in an effort to channel some much needed “Perfect Day Zen.” I threw myself out of the car with my seatbelt still […]

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