Author: Cokie Berenyi

Everyday Everest is back!

Ecuador is open and Everest is coming quickly! Everyday Everest is NOT CANCELLED. Prioritizing your health and getting crucial vaccinations and lifesaving screenings to those in need of services in South Carolina is NOT CANCELLED. In fact, amidst a COVID non-essential appointment environment for over a year now, the need for screening and easier access to cancer prevention is now more needed than when I first kicked off my Everyday Everest campaign. The Everyday Everest campaign plays […]

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Mt. Everest is calling me!

My friends know I rarely do things by halves. When I commit myself to something, I’m all in! You can see this in the way I do business, the way I care for my family, myself, my friends, and loved ones, along with my spiritual devotion. I want to impact this world with something that is bigger than myself! I want to leave a legacy of helping others. The only thing perfect about each day […]

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Living My Dreams

I realize there’s been a great deal of negative press from the 2019 climbing season on Everest. With a record number of permits granted, there also came a high death toll this year. My climbing partner for my upcoming #EverdayEverest climb summited Mt. Vinson in Antarctica with Don Cash, who unfortunately died a mere four months later on Everest. It’s reported that Cash fell from the Hilary Step not long after summiting Everest. I’m told […]

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