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Cokie Berenyi

Everyday Everest

When Charleston native Cokie Berenyi set out to scale the seven summits of the world, she knew Mount Everest would be one of the most extreme, challenging climbs of her life. So when the time came to plan Everest, she was determined that it had to be about more than just herself. Cokie decided to dedicate her Everest climb to MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, and is committed to raising $1 million in support of cancer research, education and prevention through her Everyday Everest Campaign.
Everyday Everest is all about the small tasks each of us confront and overcome every day to eventually accomplish big goals. We all face obstacles in our lives that can feel as hard as scaling Mount Everest, but it just takes one step at a time to scale our personal mountains. By donating to Everyday Everest, you’re taking a crucial step to help conquer cancer. Every dollar raised means we are closer to spreading awareness, funding research and education, and eventually finding a cure.
Sadly, Cokie lost a grandmother to colon cancer in 1980 and an aunt to ovarian cancer in 2017. She firmly believes that if they had been diagnosed earlier, they would have both lived longer, and may even still be with her today. Cokie never wants to see that happen again. She wants to increase access to information about cancer symptoms and treatments to ensure better outcomes for future generations.