Why Everyday Everest?

I’m an everyday gal. At least I was, until that day. It was a cold day in January 2003 when my business coach, Claire Stuhr told me it was time. “You need to attend an annual retreat and write your “Perfect Day.”

I pulled into the parking lot on two wheels, late, Enya blaring in an effort to channel some much needed “Perfect Day Zen.” I threw myself out of the car with my seatbelt still on. THAT hurt. Slow down. Write your perfect day and get back to business, I told myself. After all, the day would be “lost.”  ZERO revenue. Yes, I had expectations of greatness from the day, but work was weighing heavy on my head.

Greatness came. God spoke.

I don’t remember a voice---male or female. But God spoke. Who else could issue a directive to this sandlapper that I would be climbing the 7 summits of the world and start a non-profit called She CLIMBS to empower and build the self-esteem of women? Mountains? I’d never climbed a mountain in my life.

I was overwhelmed, excited and had no idea where to start. I started my “transformation though elevation” journey up mountains and towards my calling every day since then. Everyday I’ve made tee-tiny steps towards this Perfect Day purpose issued to me. Thank you, Claire. Thank you, God, for Claire, and the ears to hear and the courage to pursue what seemed like a far from reach Perfect Day Purpose.

Claire died in 2006 after a long, and more than courageous. battle with breast cancer. She never knew I summited a mountain, and now 4 of the 7 summits of the world. Everyday me started climbing peaks all over the world. Did I hear my purpose right? Every day, I’m, starting to think so.  I trained and dreamed about what was next and how would I pursue this to impact young women.

It took everyday conversations divine commitment down an 11 years path from the writing of my very first Perfect Day to make She CLIMBS a reality; 2 moms, 2 daughters summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and history was made. It was 2004 and my daughter Helen became the youngest female American to climb the peak. Everyday efforts made that day happen. Every day.

Claire didn’t get to see me up a mountain and she won’t get to see me EVERYDAY fight FOR A CURE for cancer and bludgeon every human I know, and don’t know, to screen for cancer detection, prevention and increase awareness. Every day.

Finding a cure for cancer and saving lives through awareness and education about cancer and early detection sound insurmountable. So did mountains.

#EverydayEverest is about you, me and deciding, every day, to be aware, responsible and committed to everyday cancer prevention.  It’s truly about finding a cure. Every day.

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