Everyday Everest is back!

Ecuador is open and Everest is coming quickly! Everyday Everest is NOT CANCELLED. Prioritizing your health and getting crucial vaccinations and lifesaving screenings to those in need of services in South Carolina is NOT CANCELLED. In fact, amidst a COVID non-essential appointment environment for over a year now, the need for screening and easier access to cancer prevention is now more needed than when I first kicked off my Everyday Everest campaign.

The Everyday Everest campaign plays a critical role in continuing cancer education, outreach, prevention and screenings at Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Ultimately, Everyday Everest’s mission is to reduce the cancer burden in South Carolina through the highest quality patient care, research, professional education, and cancer control programs with a focus on reaching underserved populations.

When the government of Nepal cancelled Everest permits last year, I said “I Do!” to a different summit: LOVE; and am now Cokie Cox! Fresh off three notable peaks/volcanoes in accessible, warm Ecuador, I’m back sleeping in the Hypoxico Altitude Training tent and packing my gear for Nepal.

Guides and clients with Madison Mountaineering climb mountains and travel in Ecuador, between January 24 and February 4, 2021.

Equally important to me is moving the needle on an initiate that is free to Everyday Everest supporters: The Health Pledge. Those that are willing to take the Health Pledge simply means checking a box that represents more than proverbially “checking a box”—committing to the health pledge means people all over the globe will prioritize crucial cancer screenings and HPV vaccinations that will ultimately save lives. This is how Everest will GIVE life in 2021 and beyond.

Take the Health Pledge today: https://cokieberenyi.com/my-perfect-day-climbing-for-a-cure/

Those that take the health pledge and support #EE will have access to live Garmin tracking and on-mountain dispatches as I make my way to the top! Thank you for your support as my journey continues.